Friday, June 10, 2016

Cory Carrilio Tier 4

Hey James,

I was keeping in mind previous critiques as well as ways to lead the eye through the composition with the tree branches (after re-watching Jason Scheier's Gumroads) and I feel like I've made some progress with using values to give the image some depth. I'm really looking forward to getting a critique on this. The next steps I would like to do is 1) Add some architectural element to lead the eye through the composition, 2) push the design of the tower further to enhance the story telling of the image. 3) Finish up the values and add color back to the image. I feel like I was focusing maybe too much on color so I focused on the values only.

I ended up working on this one piece a bit more than I thought so although you said I could upload two images this month I ended up deciding to focus on this one instead.


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