Monday, June 13, 2016

artwork submission deadline

Hello Patrons! We would like to announce that we are currently working on feedbacks for all the great work that has been posted! You all are doing a great job and applying the lessons learned from previous month's feedback. Keep it up! Please note, starting today we will no longer accept artwork that will be posted on the blogs. I hope this is understood since it would be unfair to those patrons who worked hard to meet the submission deadline on the 10th of each month. Thank you all again! And keep up the hard work! -James Paick

Friday, June 10, 2016

Jon Simpson - Tier 4

Hey James,

I really liked some of the ideas you had for the last piece, so I've taken that piece and pushed it a bit further. Let me know what you think, and thanks for the feedback.

Cory Carrilio Tier 4

Hey James,

I was keeping in mind previous critiques as well as ways to lead the eye through the composition with the tree branches (after re-watching Jason Scheier's Gumroads) and I feel like I've made some progress with using values to give the image some depth. I'm really looking forward to getting a critique on this. The next steps I would like to do is 1) Add some architectural element to lead the eye through the composition, 2) push the design of the tower further to enhance the story telling of the image. 3) Finish up the values and add color back to the image. I feel like I was focusing maybe too much on color so I focused on the values only.

I ended up working on this one piece a bit more than I thought so although you said I could upload two images this month I ended up deciding to focus on this one instead.


Eric Martin - Tier 4

Hi James, 
Here is the painting i want to get critiqued so i can redo it and hopefully make a new piece to put in my portfolio. The gate looks flat and overall i think there is not enough value grouping in general. Also the design for the structures need a lot of work. Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks again.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kean Wai - Tier 4

Hi James,

Thank you so much for the critique. Pronouncing my shapes definitely made a big difference to my work. Once again, I have made changes based on the critique and would love to show it to you.

I was wondering, how do you approach cleaning/finishing your pieces. I am curious about your thought process behind it. There seems to be countless things to paint in a single piece that I could easily spend weeks to polish. I truly admire your works as they seems to be really tight and defined and is the quality that I am hoping to achieve one day.

Also, I realized that I can't handle photo/ photo textures very well. It tends to feel very photobashy and I usually end up painting over everything.

Thank you once again! I look forward to the upcoming critique!

- Kean

Friday, June 3, 2016


Hello Everyone, Welcome to the JUNE session of Critique!!! We ask that you post your work on the blog your invited to, and we have just a few notes for you: - In the title, please include your First & Last Name, & Patreon Tier Group # - Please only submit the maximum allowed pieces, depending on your tier group. - Please submit all work no later than: 11:59pm JUNE 10th 2016, Pacific Time We look forward to seeing all your works ! Thanks!!